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Read the Success Stories of a few of our Clients

I was lucky to escape the biggest mistake of my life - that of marriage to the wrong person.I am now in the most fantastic, healthiest relationship of my life! We have a beautiful little boy and we travel wonderful places around the world - I have the dream life now!

Erin, 32

I had just come to the end of a 3-year relationship and I was overcome with feelings of misery and loss. I had allowed myself to remain in a toxic relationship for far too long. My ex had slowly eroded my self-confidence and clouded my ability to see my value as a partner and as a person. With Riana's Training, I was able to build my self-esteem and distance myself from the painful breakup. My life has taken a 180-degree turn in just a few short months. I did find new love with a woman who is beautiful, charming, witty, and kind. I am flying Riana up to be the officiant for our upcoming marriage!

Mark, 37

I was struggling, lost, and helpless. Riana's supportive Coaching techniques led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes after a difficult time in my life following a divorce. Because of Riana's incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express direction in her books and coaching program, I gained the strength I needed to move forward and feel amazing! I am now in a wonderful, emotionally healthy & evolved relationship - and knew EXACTLY what to do to attract this type of love into my life and we have been happily together since 2006!.  

Lisa, 58

Riana was an essential part of helping me to heal myself and to rebound after a very difficult divorce. After 5 years of trying to do this for myself, it wasn’t until I hired a Life Coach, Riana Milne that Life came together for me. I was choosing the wrong type of woman, spinning my wheels, and ending up depressed and just immersed in my work. Today, my life is totally different, and I have met a wonderful woman I will be asking to marry soon. If you are thinking of hiring Riana, don’t hesitate! It is well worth the investment to finally feel so fantastic and confident about life!

Johnny B, 61

I was doing my best to heal from the ending of a 7-year toxic relationship when I first heard Riana appear as a guest on a Podcast. Her expertise on the link between unhealthy adult relationships and unhealed childhood trauma struck a chord with me. I knew I had to do something different in my life to figure out why I was always choosing the wrong partners. Her program has truly changed my life! 

Kirsten, 48

I immediately connected to Riana's message about Childhood Trauma. I realized that it was the missing link that no one talks about. All of us are innocent and are doing the best we can but only the ones that want to break the cycle will do it. After our consultation, I knew Riana “got me.”  I am now happily married, have a beautiful daughter, and we live in a lovely oceanfront home!

Olya, 35

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